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Temporary Staffing

Are you trying to meet the deadline on a special project? Or gearing up for a seasonal peak? Need a few extra hands to help out? Aryen Human Capital Consultancy Professionals are ready to provide short-term or long-term associates. When you utilize temp workers from Aryen Human Capital Consultancy, they’ll be on our payroll.

Benefit of using temporary or contract staffing include: -

• Timely placement of workers

• No additional workers compensation or unemployment costs

• Reduced overtime costs

• Faster completion of special projects

• Less overtime for regular employees

• Fewer core employees

In Contract or Temporary Staffing, the staff will be recruited on the payroll of Aryen Human Capital Consultancy while working for your company, till so long as you require them. Our Contractz Staffing Service starts with workforce design and which includes recruiting, assessment, development, workforce planning and retention of employee. Aryen Human Capital Consultancy will be responsible for recruitment, payroll & benefits, human resources, statutory compliance and employee services etc.


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