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Aryen Human Capital Consultancy is a leading recruitment agency in the Executive Search & Recruitment practice for a variety of Industries, regions and roles.

Our expertiz search process is conducted with the objective of finding the most suitable candidate who possesses exceptional skills as well as credentials with the fastest possible turnaround times, to ensure our clients get the right person for every opening the first time and every time.

Our team of extremely seasoned expertiz search consultants work with the highest ethics and concentration to ensure that the most suitable candidates are handpicked and sent to our clients for each assignment. All our consultants have previous working experience with organizations of repute and in recruitment industry per se.

As soon as we obtain an assignment, we allocate a separate team for that, to ensure the highest possible level of service to our clients.

Our team constantly works in close co-ordination with our clients through the entire search process to attain quick turnaround times We understand that our clients have varied levels of openings from a variety of departments. Each of these departments requires professionals with varying skill sets.

They conduct a deep evaluation of the candidates, their executive career history and experience while providing them with an in-depth knowledge about the hiring organization and role. Only after our team is confident that the candidate would be the right match, would they be presented to the client.

Senior level executive jobs (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CIO,CXO, VP, Managing Director) or specialized professional positions, are handled using a tailor-made search process depending on the Industry, company, function and role by an exclusive team.

Our team plays a major role, understanding your leadership philosophy, the mission and vision of your company and most importantly the intrinsic environment of your organization, which is unique, along with the qualifications and leadership qualities that the candidates should possess and potential sources of talent. Our consultants also offer market intelligence regarding the various factors That can attract certain types of senior executives.

Information from both clients as well as candidates is held in the strictest confidence, and only disclosed with their respective permission.

We understand that the process of Creams search – contacting and introducing executives to senior-level job opportunities – is a sensitive one and must be performed within a careful and strictly confidential protocol.

One of the biggest recruitment challenges for a large organization is volume hiring at junior levels without compromising on quality and pace. Yet, the trend in the market is to focus on senior & middle management recruitment services.

Volums, as a bulk-hiring vertical of Aryen Human Capital Consultancy, is established to provide high quality recruitment solutions that address volume hiring needs at entry levels for large IT, BPO, Telecom and Retail segments.

We operate on a Key Account Management model where, because of the volumes with each client, we dedicate resources on a full time basis to serve a client.
How Aryen Human Capital Consultancy Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions Work For You:

Head Hunting services
Internet recruitment services
Name Generation services
You get access to top technology
Pre-qualification services

Other Services Besides a host of recruitment services, we also perform other functions like Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, Image Processing, Document Scanning, Resume Building, etc. We can do this work directly with an end client or in partnership with you, who may be serving as the vendor to a direct client, and may want to get the work done from us.

The following is the detailed list of services that we offer. Though, we can also arrange to do jobs that are not listed, hence feel free to approach us to enquire about the possibilities.

• Job Posting • Visa processing
• Passive Candidates • Resume Screening
• Candidate Screening • Resume Processing
• Name Generation • Lead Generation
• Customized Research • Information Management
• Web Services • Vacancy Monitoring
• Corporate Intelligence • Data Entry
• Data Conversion • Data Processing
• Forms Processing • Document Scanning

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