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Contract To Hire

Ever spent valuable time recruiting, interviewing, testing, and checking references to find the right employee, only to discover a month later you made the wrong choice? Aryen Human Capital Consultancy’s Contract- To- Hire process allows you to observe a worker before making them part of your regular team. Also it allows you to reduce HR work whilst you are working on a pilot project for a client.

The employee stays on Aryen Human Capital Consultancy’s payroll while you evaluate his skills and compatibility with your organization and the position. We understand the frustration that come with hiring and that is why we offer this flexible solution.

With Contract- To- Hire, you can:

• Increase productivity

• Decrease turnover

• Reduce liabilities

• Try before you hire

• Save time and money

• Guarantee satisfaction

Irrespective of whether you are a small boutique sized company or a large international conglomerate, AHCCI offers a range of Recruitment Services to make your recruitment operations more efficient. We bring to you an exclusive blend of services and technology to meet the challenges of today’s recruiting demands. You will find our services helpful – not only will you reduce hiring time, but also reduce the recruitment costs up to 75%.


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